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Dr. Margarita's PROFOUND WORDS Project is a foundation so faith, hope and healing can take place. This project is symbolized by the Hexagon of Healing.

My short stories, articles, books and music will help to make you whole.  If you are seeking inner peace, healing, helping others or addressing a crisis in your life - YOU will enjoy the messages and uplifting stories contained in my work. 

The Bible clearly states that faith comes from hearing the Word of God.

Here's What People Are Saying...

"Dr. D’Andrade’s warmth, kindness and compassion combined with her personal understanding of difficult times and illness, will help you cope with everyday life, heal from hurts you have suffered and give you guidelines to establish a loving relationship with a supportive partner."

"Dr. D'Andrade is truly called to impact lives through her writings, teachings, and recordings. She is a powerful and talented 'wordsmith'. She knows how to craft what God gives her with such grace and elegance."

Message from Dr. Margarita

  • There are bright sunny days, dark cold days, warm breezy days, rainy days and everything in between. However, every day on this side of the grass is a blessed day. It is the day that the Lord has made and we should rejoice and be glad in it.

    If we were to look over our life span, we will quickly come to the conclusion, that each day has brought something new to our lives. Things change and although some days are harder than others, we can rest assured that, “trouble don’t last always.”

    Many times I felt near death, I did not think I would make it, based on the current circumstances that I had been going through; but as long as I held on a little while longer, the end came unexpectedly, and I was okay.

    Let me encourage you, the Master Plan will never fail. He will always uphold you and never give you more that you can bear. Trust God and He’ll see you through.

Impacting Lives - "Dr. Margarita’s books begin with power and proceeds with strength to the end.  Her words are delivered with such impact that it will convince many non-believers to take heed to the conversations, lessons and stories, inspired and co-authored by the Lord to help bring a deeper understanding of the Word of God."

Mr. Spanser Polica, Theology Student, Oakwood University, Alabama